• Student Library: 20 NEW Titles!

    Leveled Paperbacks, Audiobooks, and eBooks

    The System 44 Library includes 56 high-interest, age-appropriate titles available in three formats: as Paperbacks, Audiobooks, and eBooks. Each leveled title, with a Lexile ranging from 100L to 450L, targets decoding skills and strategies to promote comprehension, while building vocabulary and content-area knowledge.

  • An Exceptional Variety of Genres

    Students read a mixture of high-interest fiction, nonfiction; plays, poetry, graphic classics, novels, historical fiction, biography, suspense, debate, and much more. The System 44 library contains 280 leveled books (56 titles, 5 copies of each title).

    Leveled Paperbacks Series 1-6

    • Big!

      Kevin Chen
      Math | Lexile Measure: 190L

    • Bugs That Kill

      Peggy Bresnick Kendler
      Science | Lexile Measure 200L

    • Did You Know?

      Inez Prieto
      Science | Lexile Measure: HL170L

    • Fast! The World's Fastest Couch and Other
      Fast Things

      Juliette Caggiano
      Science | Lexile Measure 150L

    • Messy Jobs

      Alan Takamura
      Science | Lexile Measure: 240L

    • Plugged In

      Jared Williams
      Jobs | Lexile Measure: 240L

    • Poster Power

      Lamar Jones
      Arts | Lexile Measure 220L

    • Shamila's Goal

      Jaleesa Miles
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: 240L

    • These Are Not Poems

      Tina Posner
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 210L

    • They Did What?

      Nesar Aman
      Math | Lexile Measure: 240L

    • The Seven Squares

      Scott Toonder
      Folktale | Lexile Measure: 120L

    • Wacky Attractions

      Ellen Cho
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: 180L

    • What's New? A History of Invention

      Peter Gutierrez
      Science | Lexile Measure 230L

    • Wonders of the World

      Joshua Davis
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: 240L

    • Yes! Great Moments in Sports

      Ellen Lebrecque
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: 200L

    Leveled Paperbacks Series 7-12

    • African Journey

      Leslie Bakke and Susan O'Connor
      Science | Lexile Measure: 230L

    • Big Steals: The Most Daring Crimes

      Syed Basher
      Social Studies

    • Button Your Lip and Other Idioms

      Polly Downes
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 210L

    • Cool Jobs in Basketball

      Peter Gutierrez
      Jobs | Lexile Measure: 300L

    • Crash!

      Steph Smith
      Science | Lexile Measure: 320L

    • DJ Mystery

      Michael Leviton
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 190L

    • Fashion Flashback

      Richard Camden
      Science | Lexile Measure: 220L

    • Home From War

      Kimberly Feltes Taylor
      Contemporary Fiction | Lexile Measure: HL210L

    • Is This Art?

      Grace Nguyen
      Science | Lexile Measure: 230L

    • The Princess Brat

      Jennifer Johnson
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 220L

    • Ripped From the Headlines

      Peter Gutierrez
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: 210L

    • Survival Guide: How to Keep Your Job

      Chris Kensler
      Jobs | Lexile Measure: 190L

    • Unstoppable: The True-Life Story of
      Shadrack Boakye

      Neda Hakimi
      Social Studies

    • Weird Sports Records

      Daniel Sanchez
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: 190L

    • When Lisa Met Billy

      Jorge Ramaldo
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 220L

    • Yo, Yolanda! Advice About Friends

      Kim Feltes and Elsa Reyes
      Life Issues | Lexile Measure: 130L

    Leveled Paperbacks Series 13-18

    • Ant Attack

      Michael Leviton
      Fiction | Lexile Measure 300L

    • Back From the Grave

      Michael Leviton
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 240L

    • Disaster!

      Sean Price
      Science | Lexile Measure: 330L

    • El Tiburón "The Shark"

      Patrick Daley
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: 340L

    • Have You Seen My Mummy?

      Sara Singh
      Science | Lexile Measure: 330L

    • Killer Plague

      Trina Robbins
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: GN200L

    • Left to Die

      Nancy Honovich
      Science | Lexile Measure: 350L

    • Medical Miracle

      Allison Langley
      Science | Lexile Measure: 340L

    • Music Mash-Up

      Zhang Li

    • Play Ball!

      Carmen Mendes
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: 310L

    • Samurai Fighters

      Mel Friedman
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: 300L

    • The Story of Shi Jin

      Jennifer Tench
      World Literature | Lexile: Measure: 220L

    • The Sweater Thief

      Ayana Carter
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 250L

    • Witch Hunt

      Carol Domblewski
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: 300L

    Leveled Paperbacks Series 19-25

    • Arabian Nights

      Terry West
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 340L

    • Beauty and the Geek

      Ayana Carter
      Fiction | Lexile Measure: 380L

    • Everyday Heroes

      Patricia Kean
      Everyday Issues | Lexile Measure: 440L

    • Fire! The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Tragedy

      Tracey West
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: 440L

    • Four Rotten Rulers

      John DiConsiglio
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: HL380L

    • Hot Jobs

      Richard Camden
      Jobs | Lexile Measure: 450L

    • Killer Croc

      Elizabeth Carney
      Science | Lexile Measure: 430L

    • Lost! Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

      Emily Costello
      Science | Lexile Measure: 440L

    • Never Give Up

      Andrew Phan

    • The Promise

      Tracey West
      Life Issues | Lexile Measure: 440L

    • The Raven


    • Tragedy at Sea

      David Stack
      Social Studies | Lexile Measure: HL430L

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  • NEW! eBooks: Anytime/Anywhere Access

    Students build reading fluency and independence with the System 44 eBook library, making reading fun and accessible anytime/anywhere - even on an iPad!

    Leveled Titles

    Through the eBook Library, students get an at-a-glance overview of titles recommended according to their reading level, including the Lexile and title summary.

    Audio Support

    Each eBook provides on-demand audio supports, allowing students to play, pause, and replay passages at their desired pace as they read along.

    Vocabulary Support

    Interactive features allow students to click on Smart Words to read a definition or search for a word within the book, supporting the development of word knowledge.

    Second-Language Support

    Students can receive second-language support in Spanish for title summaries and Smart Words.

    To access eBooks on the iPad, visit read180.com/myreading and log in using your SAM username and password. Only available with an active Premium Support Plan or Scholastic Hosting Services

  • Decodable Digest

    Independence with Decodable Text

    The Decodable Digest provides students with additional opportunities to read decodable text using independence, with two passages for every sound/spelling correspondence taught in the program. These passages are at least 75% decodable and are designed in graphic novel format to engage reluctant readers.